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Visor: lets you see the eyes of others in the world

With telemetry future approaches, we will soon be able to adjust the perception of the world through a variety of applications. We have been able experience the lives of others indirectly, through Instagram photos to see others food. Now, with Visor , we can see a fast food restaurant Shake Shack ranked team is how long.

Entrepreneur Jason White (Jason White) founded Visor is to allow the user to show the world what’s happening own location. I want to see how crowded the club? Visor about. Want to know Toys R Us (Toys’ R Us), there is no special section of Lele angel doll (Lalaloopsy)? Visor to the hallway with the doll look. Currently Visor project has raised the $ 500,000, and they start to get self-financing and the development and application of on-line work.

“When people use this application, they will find amazing things,” White said. “They looked as happy as a child watching the magic, in front of endless possibilities to make them excited. I myself have responded to a person in Hong Kong the user’s request, he wanted to see how the New York local weather, ask immediately to New York, then what things should be ready. “

Visor system is actually quite simple: you send a request (such as “take a cake shop Photos”), and then released to the world. Nearby users will receive push messages, then open the application, take pictures. Photos will be displayed on the map for reference others browse when you initiated the request is carried out by others, you will receive a corresponding notification. Visor has not been monetized, so all pictures on the surface are free, but conceivable scenario is that a company will pay them the store queue to send photos to interested users.

Wright also believes that from here we can develop a micro-task market – for example, use this app to find someone to “bring me a cup of Jamba Juice drinks.” He called it the Street 2.0. “But the Visor does not rely on expensive Google Street View cars, which allows you to take pictures with the 2 billion mobile phone users worldwide connections to send the request immediately see everything in front of them,” he said. Although I still wonder who will pay for the deli photos, but with “Please help me buy a sandwich,” if such a request, takeout mode a new future on the show in front of us.



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