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Sugar Crisis in BD: Natural or Human (!) Made

       Artificial Sugar Crisis in Bangladesh

All the sugar suddenly vanished from Bangladeshi Market. Shopkeepers are saying no supply of sugar. Though few shopkeepers are selling sugar but at a sky high price. Asking price (BDT 130.00 – BDT180.00) is around twice or thrice of government defined price which is BDT 65.00.


But observing the storage saying different talks. Importers and whole sellers are storing the sugar to gain more profits. 


The Holy Month Ramadan is coming soon. To get an illegal facility the importers and whole sellers are doing this kind market crisis. The consumers are hostage by those animal (!) syndicates. The reserve sugar are more than enough, said by a caretaker of those storage at Chittagong.


But at this situation government is not taking any single steps. Not only sugar but also all foods are priced high, even not in the range of middle class people. Rice is BDT 53.00 /KG, Brinjal is BDT 70.00 /KG, Soybean Oil BDT 120.00 /Ltr. Everything is like that.


From the last census of population it is shown the population is 14 crore and 23Lakh, which is almost unreliable because it should be at least 16 crore. I’m not counted, most of my colleagues said so. Even some of the Members of the Parliament of Bangladesh said they were not counted.


It seems the government is targeting to reduce the population by 14 crore and 23 lakh by making an artificial food crisis shaking hand with those coward business syndicates people (should say beasts).


Otherwise they would take strongest position against those lowest level animals.



  • Towhid
    Posted July 24, 2011 6:31 pm 0Likes

    চিনি আছে গুদামে … ওপরের লিঙ্ক এ ক্লিক করুন ।

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