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Low Quality Image with GP Internet Solution

 GP Internet Image Quality Comparison

Recently you may have faced Grameen Phone’s (GP EDGE Internet) image degradation (so called image optimization) service. As a result you may see low quality / low resolution (hazy or fuzzy) image in your browser. You will better understand it if you hover your mouse on that image, it will show to press shift+r to get the high quality image. I’ve also faced the same problem. Contacting with the GP’s customer service didn’t give me a solution.


With little googling, found that not only gp but also several GPRS, EDGE, 3G internet providers (T-mobile 3g, Optus 3g Network etc) are also doing the same image optimization. This solution will work for them too.


Low Quality Image : Solution

This will work only on fireofx:
Step 1. Download modify headers addons from the following link:
Modify Headers
Modify Headers

Step 2: Go to Tools, Click on Modify Headers

Step 3: See the following image.
Select Add (1), write Pragma in (2), write no-cache in (3) and click Add (4)
select Add (1), write Cache-Control in (2), write no-cache in (3) and click Add (4)

GP Low Quality Image : Solution

Then exit from firefox and start it again. Now it should load the images with full quality.



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