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HTML5 : The Basic Page Formation

HTML5 does not follow any strict formation like previous versions. But for better validation and backward compatibility in cross browser environment I will follow a traditional formation of HTML.

<!doctype html>
<meta charset=utf-8>
<title>HTML 5 : The Basic Format</title>
   This is a test paragraph. This block of code snippet shows 
   the basic html5 formation should be followed


The very first line declares the type of the document. Unlike other html and xHtml languages HTML5 does not contains a html verson number here.


The Markup Language has two basic parts, head and body. They are enclosed by <html> tag.


<meta charset=utf-8> – this line indicate which set of characters will be used through the document.


Title tag Set the Page Title.


<p>> means a paragraph open tag.


If you have understanding what is tag opening and closing, my next article will be html tag.


Testing the above code
Open notepad or any text browser, write the above block of code and save as test1.html. Remember to put a .html after the filename.Now double click or open in any browser and see what happens.



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