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How much the massive explosion?



We often hear or read the warnings about the possibility of an explosion in a factory for a particular use and store chemicals,the thing that will lead to significant damage in the region and heavy losses to lives in the event of such a plant next to residential communities. But everyone seems to think that these warnings be exaggerated, and that it can not be done harm to those who live far away from the factory and these beliefs inspire a lot of people if the result of mass outside the scope of what absorbed the mind then becomes a warning is fantastic do not care about its people, nor lend him the importance of large. The next video, you may change this misconception when we see a huge explosion happened in the state of Nevada in a factory PEPCON almost 23 years ago. 

Video – Massive Explosion in 1988
The explosion happened in 1988 in America in the state of Nevada in PEPCON factory that produces fuel for rockets. The blast killed two people and injuring 372 people, in addition to property damage in the Radius 16 km. Investigations revealed later that the force of the explosion was an explosion equivalent to 1000 tons of the explosives TNT and the peace monitoring Richter blast Khzp ground strongly 3.5 degrees. The damage caused was equivalent to approximately $ 100 million and insurance company was covering only 1 million dollars in. After the explosion, the company has Bbnayp a new plant in the state of Utah (UTAH) in the free zone of the population.



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