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Hello Mr. Minister our people are already in Malnutrition

I just amazed how a minister (Bangladeshi Commerce minister Lt. Col Faruk Khan (retd)) can give this kind of speech. ‘Eat less, price will be automatically fall!!’


From CIA World Factbook it is clearly seen about 40% of people falling below the poverty line. That means at least 40% of Bangladeshi people already in malnutrition. So, they must not be getting enough food and ofcourse nutritious food. How you can say that Mr. Commerce Minister?


Average income of Bangladeshi people is $1,700 indicates $4 per day. It is just calculation, in real life it is around $1 per day and $30 per month. Now we can make a calculation for 5 members of family live in Dhaka.


Total Income per month: $1*30*5 =$150

House Rent: $75

Utility and miscellaneous: $5

Rice: 60Kg * $.50 = $30

Vegetables: 30days * .50 = $15

Chicken: 2Kg = $6

Fish: 2Kg =$2

Edible Oil: 3ltr= $5

Other cooking essentials: $2

$140 Finished. 


The rest $10 is used for travel cost, hospital fee, education cost which are not free.


But 5Kg Meat and 5 Kg fish in a month do not provide enough nutrition for 5 members’ family and there is not enough money to buy fruits, fishes, eggs and milks. I roughly calculate very basic needs. But there are more essential expenses in daily life. So they have to cut food cost.


It is showing that most of the people are already in malnutrition. When you are already failed to provide enough food and keep the price low then how you can you ask the people to eat less. Do you have your brain in your head or lost in battle field!!?


I won’t be amazed if in near future he or some other minister would say “Price of clothes is high so what, don’t use clothes”


Correction Credit: Thank you Shakil Khan



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