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Avro Keyboard Download

Avro Keyboard is developed by Omicronlab and was first released in 26th March, 2003. It is now a fully Unicode Complaint Bengali writing Software.


Now officially it supports probhat, Munir Optima, Avro Easy, Bornona and National (Jatiya) Keyboard Layout in avro version 4.5.3 (Released: August 21, 2010). It also had a bijoy like keyboard layout (unibijoy) up to version 4.5.1 . But because of copyright confliction they had to remove unibojoy keyboard layout support. Recently they have released Avro Keyboard 5.0.8 Public Beta 4, which is fully open source and supports ANSI type mode. Now it is possible to type Bangla using older fonts like sutonny, sugondha etc.


Download Avro Version 5.0.8 Public Beta 4

Standard Edition : Download
Portable Edition : Download

Download Avro Version 4.5.3

Mirror #1 : Download
Mirror #2 : Download


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