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An introduction to SVG format: its benefits and uses

What is SVG format?

                          SVG Benefits

SVG format is an image format with the extension .svg.

The full form of SVG is Scalable Vector Graphics. Using this graphics technology, you can create your own image through XML code. The <svg> element is used to define an SVG graphic.

So this is a vector graphic that you can use on your website. The reasons why SVG format is so popular are because you’ll get a high-quality image in small size which does not lose its quality even if you zoom the picture, and secondly because it has been recommended by W3C.

You can also animate SVG images. SVG images are two-dimensional.


How to create SVG images


In order to create SVG images, you will have to write XML code. The <svg> element is used to define an SVG image.

You can also create SVG images through some programs. There are many offline and online apps out there which enable you to draw SVG images. Moreover, you can convert PNG, JPG, and other conventional images into SVG file format using some software programs and web apps.


SVG image editors


Some popular SVG image editors include SViewActive PixelsInkscapeFree SVG EditorSVG-edit, etc.The SVG image editors will let you open and edit the SVG images.


How to open SVG files


You can use the SVG image editors to open SVG files. You can also open SVG files in Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari.


Benefits of using SVG format


There are many benefits of using SVG format images on your website. The main advantages are explained as follows.

  1. An SVG image is very small in size compared to conventional images with formats such as JPEG, GIF, etc. This is why your website will load faster than before. Thus, you can improve user-experience.
  2. You can create an SVG image in any text editor because these files are nothing but XML files.
  3. You can customize an SVG image to a great extent.
  4. SVG images do not lose quality even if they are zoomed. So you can print SVG images and you’ll get the same quality at any resolution.
  5. You’ll get SEO benefits if you use SVG images on your website. Because search engines can read the elements, attributes, labels and descriptions in the code, and also because fast websites are good in Google’s eyes.
  6. You can create very complex animations.


Uses of SVG format


You can use SVG format for your website images when you think that small image size is crucial for your site. Your website will load faster if the images are small in size. But one problem with SVG formats is that you need to code it. That means it requires some effort to create an SVG image. But keep in mind that the benefits are huge.




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